Orro Bibshorts Gets Top Marks From Road.cc

It happens to almost every serious cyclist. There you are enjoying a perfect weekend ride through the countryside – the leaves are changing colour, the air is brisk, and you're reaching a personal best on the open road. Then you hit mile 25, and it starts… that numbness in your nether regions, the slight prickle on your posterior, that bruised feeling on your bottom. We’ve all been there.


That’s why we developed the Orro bibshort and made it part of Orro’s official team kit. The bibshort is made with semi-perforated Boost lycra which is designed to provide both moderate compression and outstanding breathability.


The award-winning cycling website, road.cc calls it “long-distance comfort for the tenderest of posteriors.”  Reviewer Neil Gander points out that Orro bikes only make one, yes that's right, one type of bibshorts but raves “by golly, it's a blinder!"


Gander says Orro’s choice of Italy’s GreenLime Unico pads are part of the reason these bibshorts may be the “answer to your prayers” on those long rides.


Unico incorporates foam shaping technology to create two layers of different densities: a softer layer (50kg/m3) under the top fabric, and a higher-density layer underneath (80kg/m³). It is then covered in a highly breathable Respiro fabric to ensure long-lasting comfort, and the perforated backing decreases friction without affecting breathability.


"As soon as I sat in the saddle I knew this was something special,” says Gander.


Gander goes on to praise the fabric, which is known as Boost, and its use in the main part of this essential piece of cycling clothing. He found the Orro bibshorts have excellent stretch in all directions and are both lightweight and warm.


“I've worn them in a variety of conditions from hot summer to cold autumn rain (with kneewarmers), and they've been up to it all”, he says.


Orro explains that the design and use of Boost provides a compression effect that helps improve blood flow and muscle performance while reducing recovery time while also providing greater comfort even on bumpy, off-road rides.


Gander also gives a thumbs up to the straps, saying the waffle-like fabric on the front of the straps of this cycling apparel and the semi-mesh back panel are both stretchy and comfortable. He says the 7cm deep leg grippers only stretch width-wise and are backed with a fine rubberised web that grips well without irritating.


Bibshorts for first timers


If you’re new to the world of bibshorts, here are a few more reasons why this piece of cycling gear is seriously worth considering. First, the shoulder straps hold up your shorts, so there's no annoying elastic around your waist. The padding stays in place, and there's none of that bunching that can happen with regular bike shorts. The result is a much more comfortable piece of cycling gear.


Once you try a pair of Orro bibshorts on the open road – you may never go back. Oh and one more thing never, ever wear pants, Y fronts, knickers whatever you like to call them, under your bibshorts – it reverses all of the benefits!