Group of cyclists cycling together on a public road

Track, Connect & Explore with the new Orro Cycling Club on the Strava App

Take your Orro cycling experience to new heights and join our private club on Strava – a mobile app that uses GPS to track your rides and connect with other riders. Hundreds of Orro riders have already signed on and are sharing their progress and favourite routes through posts and photos – plus it’s all free! And for all you budding triathletes out there, Strava can also track your swimming and running stats.


Orro Bikes Strava Group


We chose the Strava app because of how easy it is to use, key features and popularity – this social network is used by tens of millions of professional and amateur athletes around the world.


Each week the Orro Club leaderboard gets updated showcasing the top riders of the week. It includes distance travelled, number of rides, longest ride, average speed and elevation gain. You can compare your times with other riders and get tips from some of the most athletic members and take part in challenges - if you win, you’ll receive a trophy on your Strava profile.


Orro Bikes Strava Group Top Leaders


Above are just five of the top one hundred cyclists in the club with their achievements for the week. One of our favourite features on Strava is viewing a cyclist's profile to check out their rides and discover new routes to explore.


You can also find cycle meet-ups with other Orro owners in your area - a great way to motivate yourself to get off the sofa put on your Fox Wilson gear and, head out the door and connect with other riders.


Shutterstock Picture of Cyclists


Feel free to showcase what you’ve achieved on your Orro Carbon Road Bike or Adventure Bike.  We’d love to see photos of your bikes in action as well as the routes you’ve discovered.


Like all apps, there are some limitations on the free version, but that doesn’t stop you from sharing your routes, connecting with other cyclists via posts and viewing the clubs leaderboard.


So if you’re still using that old pen and notebook to track your rides, it’s time to throw them away and join the Strava Club. See you there!


Orro Bikes Strava Group