Dura Glove

The Orro Duraglove ET is made for us by Defeet and is the "Electronic Touch" model of glove made for cyclists. Cycling with a touch screened smart phone is all good until you try to use one while wearing long-fingered gloves. That"s why on the tips of the middle finger, index finger and thumb of the Duraglove ET there is yarn that allows you to operate your device as well as you could without wearing gloves at all. The Duraglove ET is an ideal glove for riding a bike. It"s Cordura® yarn plated to the outside of the glove creates an abrasion resistant exterior that blocks enough air to keep you warm, while still allowing hands to breathe whilst riding. Another great feature of Duragloves is they are thin enough to allow for plenty of dexterity while reaching into pockets, unwrapping and eating food, and operating electronic gadgets. Composition: 40% CoolMax Eco Made™, 40% Cordura Nylon 20% Lycra®