Urban Bikes

Fall in love with cycling again riding one of our single speed urban bikes, our urban commuter bikes go back to basics and make the perfect city bike. Buy the very best urban commuting bikes from our urban bike shop today.

Every detail on our commuter bikes serves a purpose making them the very best for city cycling. We believe there’s a lot to be said for simplicity, our lightweight town bikes are expertly manufactured to be durable, lightweight and stiff.

Take on the city with our range of urban and commuting bikes today.

Urban Bikes for sale

FE Street

Terra Flat Bar

Terra G

Our affordable urban bikes are perfect for the daily commuter and city cyclist, delivered to your door. These bikes are perfect for transporting you from A to B quickly and efficiently, making your journeys speedy and fun.

Our FE with a lightweight steel frame, and single speed drivetrain, you are guaranteed a low maintenance bike that is built to be durable over the years. A timeless design will let you stand out from the crowd, with a comfortable yet fast geometry, perfect for city riding.

Our Terra G Flatbar also makes for a great commuter bike. There are rack mounts for a pannier, mudguard eyelets and some slick, grippy tyres for all weathers. The alloy frame is lightweight so the bike feels great to ride and you can easily lift onto bike stands if required.

Grab an urban Orro bike today and see why they are so enjoyable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Urban bikes are designed for city use, riding short distances and commuting. You can often fit a rack and mudguards for commuting in the rain too.

Urban bikes are not designed to be ridden on gravel, they have limited gearing and the tyres are generally slick and not suitable.

Hybrid bikes differ to urban bikes but do have some similarities. They both offer a more upright riding position to a road bike but a hybrid will often offer more gears and can tackle canal paths and light gravel.

There are many similarities between urban bikes and road bikes, however road bikes often have a wide range of gears and are more focused on being lightweight and fast over long distances, instead of short bursts of speed around town.