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Each garment in the Fox Wilson urban cycling clothing collection has been produced from the fibre up by our talented designers. This guarantees that our innovative ideas are fully realised to create comfortable, high performing urban cycle wear for bike commuters all over the country.

Schoeller Textiles

Founded in Switzerland in 1867, this family owned textile manufacturer developed high performance fabrics and textile technologies for active sports, security forces, space, medical and fashion industries. With over 150 years of expertise working with modern, cutting edge technologies, innovation in combination with ecology is the core of their business.

“For decades, innovation has been our driving force. It has opened new markets to us, gained us awards and often catapulted us into a leading position in pioneering changes. Anyone looking for the latest developments in performance textiles is in the right place at Schoeller. And so is anyone who shops and consumes with "ecological awareness" because Schoeller Textil AG was the first company to produce in accordance with the criteria of the bluesign® standard.”

Based on Schoeller’s impressive history, we naturally decided that they were the first place to start for a fabric that would meet our needs. Our aim was to create beautiful casual cycling clothing and this was the company to help us.


One of Schoeller’s most impressive textiles in our eyes. The feel-good technology of 3XDRY® makes textiles water and stain repellent on the outside and water absorbent on the inside, keeping you dry on your rides. A number of garments from our range of cycle commuting clothing are finished with 3XDRY® technology keeping the body dry, minimising perspiration marks and stimulating a cooling and comfortable effect.

The function: The 3XDRY® Advanced Moisture Management finish combines two technologies in one textile. On the outside, a water repellent function (hydrophobic) fends off moisture, whilst the inside absorbs perspiration (hydrophilic). Moisture resulting from perspiration is quickly absorbed from the inner side of the textile, transported away from the body and distributed over a large surface area.

The benefits: The distribution of moisture over a large surface area enables it to evaporate rapidly, drying noticeably faster than clothing without 3XDRY®.


Reconnecting with nature and the environment is often a huge factor in joining the cycling world and it is with this concept that we created the Fox Wilson urban cycling range.

We wanted to push the boundaries with our cycling clothing collection in many ways, including what could be achieved in terms of style with high-performance fabrics and cutting-edge construction methods. Most importantly, we wanted to push the boundaries of sustainability.

Through the use of sustainable fabrics like Bamboo in our cycling t-shirts and vests, and Schoeller blue sign approved chlorine free dye’s in our knitwear, we are committed to offering you the most sustainable casual cycling clothing we can. We're reducing fabric waste through our X-Knitting process and applying Active Silver coatings that result in our urban cycling clothing needing fewer washes.

Handmade in England

At Fox Wilson, we are dedicated to creating the highest performing urban and leisure cycle wear. From the very beginning of our journey, we wanted to ensure our range was made to the highest standard and it was with that goal in mind that we started searching for the finest manufacturers in the UK to create our exquisite range of urban cyclist clothing.

England has a long history in clothing manufacturing, with generations of knowledge and highly skilled artisan producers, some of whom we have carefully selected to create some of the finest stylish cycle gear available. Producing garments in the UK has many advantages. Aside from the passionate people that help create our visions, it also allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by taking away the need to ship fabric and garments from around the world.