Speed Bikes

Need for Speed? Get that adrenaline rush with one of our lightweight aero race bikes. Our road race bicycles help you cut through the wind and go faster for longer.

If you are looking for a fast bike with responsive handling, our aerodynamic road bikes are the best fit. Engineered with speed in mind, their geometry and tube profiles help overcome drag and allows the bike to more responsive. High tech, aggressive geometry and an effortless ride, these are purpose built high-performance machines.

Fulfil your need for speed with a stunningly engineered aerodynamic bike from Orro.

Speed Bikes for sale

Venturi STC

Venturi Evo

Venturi Tri

Venturi S

The bikes in our Speed range are designed for performance. They feature carbon frames with aerodynamic tube profiles, optimised for effortless pedalling. The geometry is more aggressive than an endurance bike, resulting in a slightly lower riding position to reduce the profile of the rider. All models come with Integrated cables for enhanced aerodynamics and a clean look, hydraulic disc brakes for powerful stopping power and carefully selected components come together to create a performance orientated bike, built for speed.

Handling is controlled and precise due to the stiffness of the frame, and energy is transmitted efficiently via the pedals due to an oversized bottom bracket and the British made carbon fibre layup provides a responsive ride and controls vibrations effectively without adding weight or reducing stiffness.

Featuring a gear range suited to fast road cycling and a wheel and tyre setup that results in effortless speed, this frame rewards you with agility, great responsiveness and comfort, it will help you reach new goals and is the perfect choice for those new to racing or simply looking to go fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best material for a speed orientated bike is carbon fibre. Carbon provides a higher stiffness to weight ratio than other materials meaning you get a lightweight frame that transfers all the riders power to the road.

An aero bike is a bike that is designed to go fast with less effort compared with other bikes. Aerodynamic tube profiles mean the bike cuts through the air better, reducing drag and keeping the bike moving at a higher speed.

Speed orientated bikes can come with both rim or disc brakes but disc brakes are becoming the norm. All our bikes are come with disc brakes for superior stopping power and to ensure longer lasting wheels.

Carbon wheels are generally lighter than alloy wheels and they have different characteristics. Carbon wheels are usually more responsive and stiffer so they accelerate faster and the lower rotating mass makes them a great upgrade.

We designed our fast bikes around a 28mm tyre to keep the tyre close to the frame and to add comfort, typically a 28mm tyre also has a lower rolling resistance than anything smaller so this size suits a speed bike.