Speed Bikes

Orro aero bikes built to run at top speeds and dominate the highest levels of elite competition. Explosive power meets pure speed in our range of aero bikes. Funnel your adrenaline rush as you barrel down a flat expanse and smash your Personal Best. Our speed road bicycles are designed to help you slice through wind and ride faster for longer.

Engineered with speed in mind, the frame and tube profiles on our aero bikes cut down on drag, making for lightning fast responsiveness. Cutting edge technology and aggressive geometry are seamlessly blended in our Orro Aero Bikes to bring you an effortless ride.

Fulfil your need for speed with a stunningly engineered aerodynamic speed bike from Orro. Our aero bikes are purpose built high performance machines, ready to hit the ground running on your next race or outing.


Venturi STC

Venturi Evo

Venturi Tri

Designed to win races

The bikes in our Aero range are designed for performance. Featuring carbon frames with aerodynamic tube profiles that have been carefully optimised for effortless pedalling, as well as more aggressive geometry than an endurance bike, results in a slightly lower riding position to reduce the profile of the rider. Experience what true speed feels like with our Aero bikes.

Get that Orro edge over your competitors

All of our aero bike models come with an integrated cockpit for that all important streamlined, wind-cutting performance, as well as hydraulic disc brakes for powerful stopping power. Our carefully selected components come together to create a performance oriented bike, built for speed. Our Aero bikes are explosive and lightning fast, designed to give you that fighting edge.

Experience Sigmatex Carbon

Ever wonder what F1 racing cars and Orro Bikes have in common? It’s the Sigmatex Carbon used to deliver off the charts speed. At Orro, we are the only bike company in the world licensed to use Sigmatex Carbon. We know - it’s pretty impressive. Why don’t you try and test the difference, if you dare?


Venturi STC - Top of the range model featuring STC carbon and highest component specifications
Venturi EVO - Experience the same levels of speed in a more economical package
Venturi Tri - Designed to dominate in triathlons, the Venturi Tri is the perfect speed machine to get you to the finish line
Venturi S - Superlight race machine utilising an extremely lightweight carbon from Sigmatex

Designed and assembled in Britain

With quality, comfort and breathtaking performance at the forefront of our designs, our range of high-end aero bicycles are as beautifully British as it gets. Assembled in Britain by our expert craftsmen, Orro bikes have been created with you in mind.

Become an Orro rider - tap into our community experience

By becoming an Orro rider, you get access to an elite group of cyclists, all racing and pushing each other to their limits. Take part in community events, get the chance to be featured on our Instagram page, and win official Orro merchandise.

Speed Road Bikes FAQs

The best material for a speed orientated bike is carbon fibre. Carbon provides a higher stiffness to weight ratio than other materials meaning you get a lightweight frame that transfers all the riders power to the road.

An aero bike is a bike that is designed to go fast with less effort compared with other bikes. Aerodynamic tube profiles mean the bike cuts through the air better, reducing drag and keeping the bike moving at a higher speed.

Speed orientated bikes can come with both rim or disc brakes but disc brakes are becoming the norm. All our bikes are come with disc brakes for superior stopping power and to ensure longer lasting wheels.

Carbon wheels are generally lighter than alloy wheels and they have different characteristics. Carbon wheels are usually more responsive and stiffer so they accelerate faster and the lower rotating mass makes them a great upgrade.

We designed our fast bikes around a 28mm tyre to keep the tyre close to the frame and to add comfort, typically a 28mm tyre also has a lower rolling resistance than anything smaller so this size suits a speed bike.

Yes, you can purchase any of our Orro aero bikes through the Cycle To Work Scheme. You will need to contact your workplace and fill out the appropriate application form, and our team will do the rest.

We offer interest free finance on your Orro aero bike with the minimum spend amount of £1,000.

We offer click and collect at some specialised retailers around the UK. We have expert Orro staff on hand at some of our retailers ready to guide you through your purchasing experience.