Back to Basics

Some of the most joyful things in life are also the simplest. Strip away the unnecessary and often distracting luxuries and allow yourself to feel once more. The lightweight bike frame is expertly crafted from double butted steel the FE Fixed Gear / Single Speed Bike city bike boasts rigidity without the weight penalty usually associated with a steel framed bicycle.

Urban Design

City riding requires a specific type of bike. The FE Street comes with a 48T-18T gearing combination, which offers the right blend of speed and effortlessness. Its 25mm tan wall tyres paired with a dark brown saddle and bar tape all add to the FE’s sophistication.

Relaxed Position

As an urban bike the FE Street has a more relaxed position than a road bike. This allows the rider to truly enjoy their journey, taking in the surroundings and providing the best possible visibility of what is on the road ahead.  

FE Street - modern and simplistic

Made for the City

The bicycle is one of the fastest modes of city transport. The FE Street was designed with the urban commute in mind; for example the frame has several reflective decals to increase safety in low light. 

Low Maintenance

One of the benefits of single speed bikes is the low maintenance that they require. Less moving parts also mean that there is less to go wrong.  


The FE Street's geometry is designed specifically around agility. Its steel frame also provides rigidity without the weight penalty usually associated with a steel bicycle.