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Bike Parts: Best Quality Bike Spares & Cycling Components With Free UK Delivery 2023

Discover Orro Bikes range of bike parts such as tyres, wheels, bottom brackets and seatposts. With Free UK delivery available for parts and accessories for orders over £100, browse our range now.

Upgrading or replacing worn bike parts and components can really improve your time and comfort on the bike, whether that is to improve speed or grip or just to have spares of certain parts. We provide a range of bike parts online to suit cycling enthusiasts and accessories you can add to your bike to make your riding experience as fun as possible.

Shop online for the very best bicycle parts, spares and accessories at Orro Bikes today.

Bike Parts for sale

Looking for spares, accessories or bike components? Well you’ve come to the right place, with our huge range of bike parts we have the right performance or replacement parts you need.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your tyres for more grip and speed or change your steering setup with a new handlebar and stem, rest assured you’ll find it in our range. We sell spares and accessories for commuter bikes, road bikes, race bikes and more – from brake pads to bike racks.

Need some tools to help with your bike maintenance, we have those too, along with frame stickers and derailleur hangers to keep your bike looking fresh and riding smooth. Fancy a new saddle to improve comfort, or bottle cages and bottles for long rides. Locks to keep your bike safe, bottom brackets and headsets to replace worn out parts, we have them all in our range of spares and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common bike parts are wheels, tyres, gears, frame, handlebars and stem to name a few.

Yes, there are lots of components that can be upgraded. Orro Bikes sell a number of these parts like wheels, bottom brackets, tyres, stems and seatposts.

The most important part of a bike is the frame, it’s the foundation of any bike that all other parts fix to.

If you want to go faster, the best upgrade you can make is wheels. Lighter, stiffer and deeper wheels will make the most difference to speed of any component.

It’s important to keep all parts and components on a bike in good working order and if something isn’t working correctly, it needs replacing to make sure it’s safe. You may also want to buy parts as upgrades to existing parts like wheels and tyres to improve performance.