Gravel Bikes

Embark on your greatest gravel adventure yet, with Orro Bikes’ gravel bikes. Our all-terrain, off-road cycles are beautifully engineered to handle epic cycling experiences across a range of rough road terrain. Maximise your performance with the very latest gravel bike, ideal for cycling on dirt tracks, gravel paths or rough roads.

Go anywhere with our responsive and comfortable bicycles, inspired by the local South Downs terrain. They’re fast and agile on all types of road and trail both urban and country. Our steel gravel bikes are the ultimate bike packing machines!

Gravel Bikes for sale

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Terra Ti

If you’re looking to conquer new terrain, go off the beaten track and explore then a gravel bike may just be your next best friend. Designed to be comfortable, these bikes are perfect for all-weather riding through forests and on bridle paths.

Wider tyre clearance and mudguard mounts come as standard, along with pannier rack mounting points for your luggage. These bikes are suited for off-road riding, bikepacking, mountain adventures or even daily commuting.

A longer wheelbase increases stability, and the gravel specific geometry leads to a more relaxed ride without losing efficiency. Frames made from carbon, aluminium, steel or titanium all have unique features and ride qualities. Whether you prefer speed, or off-road performance, you’ll find a bike that will suit your riding style and keep you riding in all seasons.

We offer a wide range of gravel bikes, whether you want electronic or mechanical gears – hydraulic disc brakes ensure you’ll come to a stop when needed. There’s an electric model for anyone who wants a boost or simply just ride further, and models to suit all budgets, so why not pick up one of our gravel bikes today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gravel bikes are made for adventures, they feature wider tyres and different geometry that allow you to ride off-road and explore new paths.

Gravel bikes work very well on road too, and a lot of riders keep a spare set of wheels with road tyres on for when they want to ride on road more often.

Gravel bikes are popular due to their go-anywhere nature, this allows their riders to vary between road and off-road without having to switch bikes.

Gravel bikes offer a more up-right riding position which means a comfortable ride for long distances, along with built-in comfort for riding on bumpy tracks.

Gravel bikes don’t often come with front suspension, there are some specific forks that add small amounts of travel but our bikes do not come with any suspension.

Gravel tyres usually vary between 38-44mm with some wider ones available – here at Orro our bikes tend to come with 38-40mm and our frames accommodate up to 42mm tyres.