Gravel Bikes

Embark on your greatest adventure yet with Orro’s gravel bikes. Our all-terrain bicycles are beautifully engineered to handle epic cycling experiences across a range of rough road terrain. Maximise your performance with the cutting edge technology and power seamlessly blended into each of our gravel bikes. Cycle across dirt tracks, gravel paths or rough roads with comfort and unbelievable speed.

Go anywhere with our responsive and comfortable gravel bicycle, inspired by our iconic South Downs terrain. Fast and agile on all types of road, our gravel bikes are the perfect companion for your next biking adventure.


Terra C

Terra E

Terra S

Terra X

Terra Ti

Designed for comfort and stability without compromising on speed

Our range of Orro gravel bikes are designed with comfort and stability in mind, without sacrificing speed or responsiveness. Wider tyre clearance and mudguard mounts come as standard, along with pannier rack mounting points for your luggage. Perfect for off-road riding, bikepacking, mountain adventures or your daily commute, an Orro gravel bike is the bike you won’t be able to live without.


A longer wheelbase increases stability, and the gravel specific geometry leads to a more relaxed ride without losing on efficiency.

Have your pick from frames made of carbon, aluminium, steel or titanium. We have gravel bikes geared towards speed demons and off-road performers alike. We can guarantee that you will find a bike that suits your riding style, and keep you riding in all seasons.


We have a wide range of gravel bikes expertly engineered for all kinds of riders, ranging from speedy flat-bar gravel bikes to steel gravel bikes. We are sure to have something perfect for your needs.

Terra C - Designed with super lightweight Sigmatex Carbon, you get the best of both worlds with the Terra C gravel bike. Speed and power in one stunning package.
Terra E - The only electric gravel bike in our range of Orro Bikes, the Terra E will give you that final push.
Terra S - Our Terra S gravel bikes boast a sleek steel frame and a carbon fork, perfect for tackling the great outdoors.
Terra X - Our Terra X gravel bike comes with a lightweight aluminium frame and a full carbon fork.
Terra TI - Fly across dirt roads and zip up mountains with our titanium gravel bikes. Harness stability and power with our Terra TI off-road gravel bike.

Experience Sigmatex Carbon

Ever wonder what F1 racing cars and Orro gravel Bikes have in common? It’s the Sigmatex Carbon used to deliver off the charts speed. At Orro, we are the only bike company in the world licensed to use Sigmatex Carbon. We know - it’s pretty impressive. Why don’t you try and test the difference, if you dare?

Designed and Assembled in East Sussex

With quality, comfort and breathtaking performance at the forefront of our designs, our range of high-end gravel bicycles are as beautifully British as it gets. Assembled in East Sussex by our expert craftsmen, Orro bikes have been created with you in mind.

Become an Orro rider - tap into our community experience

By becoming an Orro rider, you get access to an elite group of cyclists, all racing and pushing each other to their limits. Take part in community events, get the chance to be featured on our Instagram page, and win official Orro merchandise.

Gravel Bikes FAQs

Gravel bikes are made for adventures, they feature wider tyres and different geometry that allow you to ride off-road and explore new paths.

Gravel bikes work very well on road too, and a lot of riders keep a spare set of wheels with road tyres on for when they want to ride on road more often.

Gravel bikes are popular due to their go-anywhere nature, this allows their riders to vary between road and off-road without having to switch bikes.

Gravel bikes offer a more up-right riding position which means a comfortable ride for long distances, along with built-in comfort for riding on bumpy tracks.

Gravel bikes don’t often come with front suspension, there are some specific forks that add small amounts of travel but our bikes do not come with any suspension.

Gravel tyres usually vary between 38-44mm with some wider ones available – here at Orro our bikes tend to come with 38-40mm and our frames accommodate up to 42mm tyres.

Yes, you can purchase any of our Orro gravel bikes through the Cycle To Work Scheme. You will need to contact your workplace and fill out the appropriate application form, and our team will do the rest.

We offer interest free finance on your Orro gravel bike with the minimum spend amount of £1,000.

We offer click and collect at some specialised retailers around the UK. We have expert Orro staff on hand at some of our retailers ready to guide you through your purchasing experience. We are committed to helping you find the perfect gravel bike for you.