Endurance Bikes

If you want a versatile road bike that’s comfortable for long rides, look no further than our range of carbon endurance road bikes. Our specialised endurance bikes are manufactured with quality, performance, innovation and style in mind - these best-selling sportive bikes use only the best components and disc brake groupsets to finish them off.

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Endurance bikes are designed with comfort and stability in mind, allowing you to set out on epic adventures without sacrificing performance or efficiency. Here at Orro we build premium sportive bikes perfect for racing or general fitness rides, built for riding long distances.

With forgiving geometry, endurance bikes are less aggressive than race bikes and offer more compliance and comfort. Our lightweight bikes with drop handlebars are a little less focused on speed and more concerned with comfort over longer distances, these models keep you in the saddle for longer.

Endurance bikes offer a more upright riding position with a shorter reach than a race bike and have a carbon layup designed to help reduce road buzz. Wider tyre clearance and premium groupsets with a wide range of gears allow for easier climbing and effortless riding.

All fitted with high quality wheels to make sure all your efforts propel you forward and disc brakes for efficient stopping power . Equally suited to men and women, our endurance bikes are durable and feature top of the range equipment to keep you in the saddle for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Endurance/Sportive bike is a lightweight drop-bar bike that is comfortable over long distances with a more relaxed riding position than a race bike.

An endurance bike has a slightly more upright riding position compared a race bike – it should feel stable and comfortable but still offer a fast, responsive ride.

Endurance bikes tends to have a slightly shorter reach, combined with a higher stack, making for a more upright riding position. They also tend to have a longer wheel base and fork trail for a more stable ride.

A combination of geometry and bike characteristics. The geometry means the rider is sitting in a more relaxed position with more stability. This is usually paired with good vibration damping based on the material the frame is made of.

A wide range of gears is important on an endurance bike, to aid with climbing and descending, along with good tyre clearance and high quality finishing kit.

Rim brakes are becoming less popular in the road bike world, whilst they work well in the dry they lose efficiency in the wet and they eventually wear down the rims on the bike. Disc brakes are now common on most performance endurance bikes, they offer more control and power when braking, along with more consistent performance when you need it the most.