What is the cycle to work scheme?

Cycle to work schemes are a UK income taxpayer benefit saving 25-39% on a bicycle & accessories. Cycleschemes are not subject to any interest or deposit and payments are taken from your salary pre-tax on a monthly basis.

How does it work?

The Government’s ambition that cycling and walking are the natural choices for shorter journeys, or as part of a longer journey, was clearly set out in the Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy published in 2017. If we can increase levels of active travel, such as cycling, the benefits are substantial. For individuals, it means cheaper travel and better health. For businesses, it means increased productivity and increased footfall in shops. And for society as a whole it means lower congestion, better air quality, and vibrant, attractive places and communities.

The Department for Transport offers employers the ability to grant their employees a salary sacrifice cycle and accessory hire scheme, with the express intention of encouraging more people to cycle to work. This salary sacrifice benefit is implemented by various scheme providers who employers are able to sign up with. Enquire with your employer to see if they have a scheme in place, where you may purchase your bike and accessories, and if any limits have been set on the monetary value.

Relish the ride - general scheme promotion eflyer showing the savings on a new bike and accessories as well as a cartoon of a cyclist riding in the sunset


Cyclescheme is the UK's most prevalent cycle to work scheme provider with a broad range of retailers.

Cyclescheme certificates are intended for the purchase of a single bicycle and anything else you could conceivably use it with to ride to work. This can include lots of different things such as: clothing, components, lights, or a helmet. However, there are a few notable exemptions including: action cameras, GPS trackers, car racks, and turbo trainers. We will check your purchase before redeeming the certificate to make sure that everything is OK.

If your employer has signed up to Cyclescheme you can apply for a certificate via their website here

If your employer has not signed up to Cyclescheme they can find out more information about it here

To see how much you could save based on your salary and order value check out the Cyclescheme calculator.

Example of a Cyclescheme eCertificate

Using your certificate

  • Cyclescheme certificates look like the example image on the right, once you have yours visit www.orrobikes.com
  • Create an order by adding your choice of bike and any accepted accessories to the website cart
  • Proceed to the checkout by clicking on cart, select Cyclescheme as your payment method
  • Enter your unique eCertificate number and redemption code. Each code can only be used once by entering it you are committing to purchase
  • Once checkout is complete you should receive an email to confirm your order, we will arrange delivery as soon as everything is ready


Which scheme providers do you accept?

ORRO Bikes can accept certificates as payment from the following scheme providers: Cyclescheme, Green Commute Initiative, Cycle Solutions, and Bike 2 Work.

Where can I get my Certificate? 

If you don't have a certificate yet you can build your basket to get a quote, then submit that quote to you cycle to work scheme provider.

Can I use my certificate in multiple transactions?

No, you can only redeem your certificate in one transaction.

Can I select equipment with a different value to my certificate?

No, please ensure the equipment you want to order matches your certificate value. All certificates are redeemed in full even if your basket value is less. Further information can be found here