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Cycling Gear: High Quality Cycle Clothing With Free UK Delivery 2023

Here at Orro Bikes we offer cyclists a wide range of clothing and accessories, perfectly designed for peak performance and comfort. Offering jerseys, shorts and many other types of apparel for both men and women, our shop has what you need.

Whether you are cycling to work, for pleasure or racing you’ll find the best quality bike gear along with a wide range of cycle equipment for enthusiasts and pros alike. Order before 2pm and get free UK delivery along with same day dispatch (excludes weekends).

Cycling Gear for sale

At Orro, we stock a number of spares and upgrades from different brands that fit on our bikes. From wheel spares to disc rotors and car racks, we have you covered.

Cycle Clothing

We also stock a number of premium clothing garments to make sure you can perform at your best on the bike. There are many benefits to wearing the right type of clothing for cycling, whether that’s for it’s aero features or comfort, wearing quality gear is a must. It’s vital to be dressed appropriately for the weather so you can enjoy each ride, we have specific summer clothing for moisture wicking and keeping cool and clothing you can layer up for winter.


We stock as many spares for our bikes as possible as well as various upgrades and items we feel are great for any cyclist to own from our brand partners. There are products to help keep your bike clean, specific carbon fibre cleaning products and performance parts like saddles and racing wheelsets to enhance you bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cycling can be quite an intense sport, so it’s important to wear breathable clothing that allows good freedom of movement. Exactly what you wear will depend on the style of riding. That could be road, gravel or MTB and there are specific items for each style. Helmets are crucial for safety so we would recommend wearing one at all times.

No loose trousers that could get caught in the drivetrain and nothing that could restrict your movement.

It depends on the type of bike and the terrain but in general, most beginners can average 8-10mph on a road bike and perhaps slightly less off-road. This can quickly increase with regular riding.

Practice and regular riding will help increase average speed dramatically. Once riding becomes regular, start to add in short bursts where you increase speed for 30 seconds or so, this will help speed up the process of getting fitter on the bike.

We would advise wearing breathable clothing specifically made for cycling. Cycle jerseys are typically close fitting and provide great freedom of movement. Cycling shorts have a built-in pad for comfort on the saddle as well. There are also specific shoes for different types of cycling.

Yes, cycle clothing is designed to keep you cool, dry and comfortable for long periods.