We are Orro

Orro is a British bike brand designed with you in mind. With an unrivalled passion for creating powerful, lightning fast and versatile bikes to suit every rider, from elite athletes to occasional club run riders and commuters alike. We value quality and performance over all else, and this ethos is reflected in our beautifully engineered bicycles. Inspired by British nature, all our products are designed and assembled in Sussex. Our bikes are infused with cutting edge technology you won’t find on any other bike on the market, like Sigmatex carbon. Ride fast, ride hard, and look good while doing it. Feel the difference when you ride Orro.

Gold Evo 105/FSA

A comfortable, all-day endurance bike at a great price. 

The Gold Evo 105/FSA has been designed with efficient long distance cruising, punchy hill climbing, and reliable commuting in mind.

Terra E Gravel Bike

Recently reviewed by road.cc

"The E has taken all the qualities of the other Terra models and given it a real boost. The smooth motor brings an extra level to your gravel riding – whether you want to go quicker or go further. The downsides are extra weight, but that is more than compensated for by the extra power on tap."

"Easy-to-control carbon gravel machine with a great ride quality which benefits from smooth electronic power delivery"


We are always looking for ways to innovate. Our collaboration with UK Composites manufacturer Sigmatex is a perfect example of this. Sigmatex allows us to exclusively use their SigmaST and Innegra fibres in some of our bikes.

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