Elevating Endurance Cycling to New Heights

We are always striving to push the boundaries of what we know endurance road bikes can do with every new bike range we come out with. The all-new Orro Gold STC 2024 bikes are no different. A lot of blood, sweat, and passion was put into refining the existing Gold STC models you all know and love. We’re thrilled to announce that the Gold STC endurance bikes are now an even faster, steadier and powerful riding experience. Every model in the new range has been engineered to offer riders an unparalleled riding experience combined with premium comfort. 

The Orro Gold STC 2024 series is the latest iteration of our legendary endurance bikes. This new lineup of meticulously designed bikes cater to both seasoned riders and those new to endurance cycling. All our bikes are expertly designed and assembled in Britain, and our bikes are deeply inspired by our rigorous testing and development on the iconic South Downs, a stone’s throw from our doorstep. 


Cutting-Edge Frameset Technology

The heart of any bike is its frame, and we have invested heavily in designing a frame that is both lightweight and incredibly robust. Our bikes are perfectly developed and obsessively refined, making them the ultimate Gran Fondo machines.

The Gold bikes can handle anything you throw at them, thanks to the use of Spread Tow Carbon (STC), a material renowned for its unparalleled stiffness-to-weight ratio. This results in a frame that is not only incredibly stuff for efficient power transfer, but also comfortable over long rides. What more could you ask for? 


Aerodynamic Advantage 

Speed matters, even in endurance cycling. This is why the Gold STC 2024 range features tubeless profiles that are designed to cut through wind and reduce drag. The optimised geometry and shape of the frames make for easier maintenance of speeds, even on challenging terrains. 


Hydraulic disc brakes for ultimate responsiveness

Incorporating hydraulic disc brakes into the Gold STC 2024 range enhances safety and control. Our high-performance brakes provide reliable stopping power in all weather conditions, so you can go all out on slippery British roads and trust your Gold STC to stay in control. 


Versatile tyre clearance

You should be able to make your bike work for you. This is why we offer ample tyre clearance, allowing riders to opt for wider tyres. This versatility enables you to optimise your bike for your riding style, as well as for different terrains, from smooth tarmac to rough gravel roads. 


Shimano & SRAM Groupset options

The Gold STC 2024 range comes with a variety of groupset options, allowing riders to select the drivetrain that suits their preferences and performance goals. From the precise shifting of Shimano, to the electronic firepower of SRAM eTap, we offer a variety of groupset configurations engineered to meet your needs. 


Choose your Gold STC Build Profile 

We have meticulously forged multiple models within the Gold STC 2024 range to cater to a wide range of riders:



Just as premium, just as powerful. The Gold STC Ultegra Di2 endurance bike is your new on-the road weapon of choice. With a frame weight of only 830g, with a full Schimano  Ultegra di2 Groupset, you cannot go wrong. Choose between Matte Black and Gloss Red. 


Looking to tear it up with a Vision SC40 Carbon Wheelset? If so, the STC Ultegra Tailormade endurance bike in our Gold STC 2024 range is the bike for you. Feel the difference as you zip through country roads on your all-day ride. With a frame weight of only 830g, this stunning bike is hand assembled in the UK. 

2024 GOLD STC 105 DI2 BIKE

Featuring the all new Gold STC frame and fork, with a full Shimano D12 12 speed groupset and the Fulcrum R800 wheelset, this endurance bike is a beast. Engineered specifically for endurance riding, this bike, as well as the others in the Gold STC range prioritises rider comfort without sacrificing performance. 


Why not up your riding with the 2024 Gold STC Rival eTap AXS endurance bike that features a full Sram Rival eTap AXS electronic groupset. Experience superior performance and ultra-smooth gear shifting in this impossibly lightweight yet powerful bike. 


This limited edition web exclusive endurance bike is the bike of our dreams. Designed for anyone wanting the best performance they can get their hands on. Fully kitted out with the best components on the market and optimised to perfection to slice through wind, this is the bike that will give you an edge. 


The Gold STC Fore D2 eTap AXS Tailormade endurance bike is a powerhouse of speed that doesn’t compromise on comfort or stability. Designed with long, punishing rides in mind, this is the bike you need to get you over the finish line. 

Expertly hand assembled in the UK, with a full SRAM Force D2 eTap Groupset, made with STC frame and fork, this is the ultimate endurance bike you have been waiting for. 

British-design. High Spec. Tremendous Value. 

The Orro Gold STC 2024 range represents the pinnacle of endurance cycling innovation. Imbued with cutting edge technology, aerodynamic features, comfortable endurance geometry and a wide range of customisation options, these bikes are designed to elevate your riding experience and help you push yourself to your limits. 

Whether you’re a seasoned rider chasing new records, or have just started to explore the world of high-performance cycling, our new range of premium endurance bikes have something for every type of rider. 

When you buy from Orro, you’re joining a community of riders passionate about cycling. All our bikes are expertly hand assembled in Britain.