Collage of the new 1x Terra C carbon fibre bike in the matte blue colour-way

Not only is the 2020 Terra C available in brand new colourways that make it stand out from the crowd, but it now comes in a 1X specific version too. Designed to be the ultimate lightweight carbon gravel bike, the Terra C is entirely at home on both gravel and the road. With geometry and features that are designed specifically around the UK gravel market, it’s the ideal gravel bike for riders looking for a do it all bike. Its lightweight carbon frame has inbuilt impact protection which is provided by strategically located Innegra in the frame layup. 


To accommodate the need for riding off-road, the Terra C comes with clearance for up to 42C tyres. Step back onto the tarmac, and it becomes immediately apparent that the Terra C is not just a one-trick pony. The excellent power transfer provided by the carbon layup equates to brilliant acceleration, and its intelligent handling gives the utmost confidence while cornering and descending. With the all-new Shimano GRX 1X groupset, the Terra C does come into its own. 


When designing the Terra C, it was essential to start with a completely blank canvas and design the geometry from the ground up. This allowed the Terra C to be designed around the emerging UK gravel scene. This new style of riding required a unique geometry which now includes compact size specific chainstays - 420mm in S and M, 425.5mm in L, 450mm in XL, 72mm bottom bracket drop and 50mm fork rake across all sizes. The result was that the Terra C has superior traction, cornering, and stability even on loose or uneven surfaces.


With its uncompromised road handling, unique geometry and low weight, the Terra C 1X is a fast-responsive bike that is perfect for those looking for a bike that excels at both road and off-road riding. Run it with wider tyres with a more pronounced tread for your big adventure rides, then when you are ready to head back out on the tarmac switch to some low volume slicks tyres.