Orro Bikes 2023 review roundup

With the days getting longer and spring well on its way, it's the perfect time to dust off your bike and get back on the road (if you ever left!). Orro has some incredible new products ready for Spring 2024, and so in celebration we’ve compiled some reviews of Orro products from the last year all in one place to inspire and motivate you on your cycling ventures. 


Venturi STC Sram Force eTap Tailor Made 2024 

To kick things off, Road.cc recently reviewed the new Venturi STC Sram Force eTap Tailor Made 2024, calling it an “incredibly smooth, ‘real world’ fast, comfortable and fun bike to ride’. Here’s just a snippet of what they had to say: 

“The Venturi STC is a surprising all-rounder road bike. The comfort from the frame is bolstered by the geometry. The front end isn't as steep as you'd expect, which just slows the steering down a tiny mount, removing any twitchiness. I found that had no drawbacks on my steep and technical test descent. The handling is still direct and fast enough to cope with the off-camber chicane section at the top, while also mastering the faster, flowing corners further down the hill. Even at speeds approaching 50mph through the various bends it felt well planted and gives plenty of confidence.”

“I've said this many times before, but I get on really well with the ratios on offer with SRAM's groupsets. The smaller chainrings suit my high cadence style and I find the 48T ring efficient with pretty much the whole cassette. The single button operation on each shifter works very well, too.” 

“The Venturi STC has long been one of my favourite bikes and that continues to be the case. While the updates to the latest version are minimal, it at least means that Orro has tweaked a winning formula. On top of the performance, the Venturi is very well priced for the specification, which means that overall it is a very impressive package.”



Road.cc also reviewed the Terra X Gravel Bike

Orro Terra X

Road.cc was just as impressed with the Orro Terra X, making it runner up in their list of the best gravel bikes of 2024: 

“The Orro Terra X is an aluminium-framed gravel bike and one of the latest additions to the company's gravel line-up. It's a good entry point to gravel riding and is fun and easy to ride, thanks to the balanced geometry.”

“The Terra X brings the great handling and ride quality of the carbon fibre models to a lower price point, and for the money, it's well specced. Tyre clearance isn't massive compared with some gravel bikes, but it easily accepts the 40mm fitted as standard, even if you were to go for a wider wheel rim, and Orro reckons a maximum of 42mm will fit. “

“The Orro Terra X works well on the road too, and has the ability to take mudguards and a rack, lending itself well to commuting and road touring.” 


Orr's Gold STC endurance road bike received positive reviews


The Orro Gold STC made its way to Youtube, with Tedz Bikes producing a short video review of the bike that demonstrates its smooth ride and appealing features:

“First impressions, lovely smooth ride. You could definitely tell this road isn't the smoothest and I’m still comfortable, still rolling along nicely. This bike really does have everything you want.” 

Road CC also reviewed the Gold STC d2 ETAP AXS Tailormade, calling it sublime with stunning ride quality:

“It has a very solid feel. That planted, confidence-inspiring feedback you often get from heavier bikes that you might use for touring or winter training. There is no rattly, hollow-sounding ride, plus buzz and vibration are well dampened, which makes the Orro a lovely bike to ride even on poor road surfaces.”

“The overall build quality is excellent. The Gold STC not only feels solid to ride, but it feels solid when you pick it up, or tap the frame tubes. Okay – not exactly what you'd call a genuine scientific test, but nothing sounds or feels plasticky, and a quick scan inside the seat tube with a light shows a smoothly finished frame. Orro says this is down to using a full EPS and latex mould during the construction process.”


220 Triathlon reviewed the Venturi Tri road bike

Venturi Tri

220 Triathlon awarded the Orro Venturi Tri an impressive 4.3 stars out of 5, saying: 

“On the local TT course times close to a PB were hit for a noticeably lower effort, and on the longer rides on familiar loops it was easy to maintain a pace consistent with best previous efforts.
The days of TT bikes not being good at climbing or handling badly are long gone – the Venturi Tri climbs purposefully seated or out of the saddle and turns like a good road bike.”


The Venturi EVO 105 Road bike received great reviews

Venturi Evo 105

Mathew Mitchell with ProCyclingUK released his long-term review of the Orro Venturi Evo 105, to see how the bike stood up to the test of time. Here are some snippets from his article: 

“The Orro Venturi Evo 105 is a reliable bike that is built to last. Its frame is constructed from unidirectional carbon, which is not only lightweight but also sturdy, ensuring the bike’s durability. The bike’s Shimano 105 R7000 groupset is known for its reliability, providing smooth and consistent shifting over time.”

“The Orro Venturi Evo 105 holds its own when compared to other bikes in its class. Its aerodynamic frame, lightweight construction, and high-quality components make it a competitive choice for both racing and leisure riding. Compared to other bikes in its class, it offers excellent value for money. Its Shimano 105 R7000 groupset, Fulcrum Racing 700 DB wheelset, and Continental Grand Sport Race tyres are all high-quality components that are typically found on more expensive bikes.”


The Terra S GRX gravel bike was reviewed by BikeRadar

Orro Terra S GRX600 

BikeRadar gave the Orro Terra S GRX600 a score of 4.5 stars out of 5 for its great value and comfortable ride. Reviewer Warner Rossiter said this about the bike: 

“Orro has built a deserved reputation for value and the Terra S certainly follows suit. It’s practical, lively and fun.”

“The Terra Trail tyres have a diamond-shaped block tread pattern with bigger, well-spaced shoulder knobs. They roll surprisingly well on tarmac. Although not as fast as road bike tyres, they don’t hamper on-road pace as more extreme gravel treads can. They coped very well biting into choppy mud that had been churned up by horses on one of my bridleway excursions. On loose gravel corners, I was hugely impressed by the Terra’s stable grip levels. It took quite a lot of speed and plenty of lean to get even the slightest hint of the rear tyre breaking traction.”


The Venturi STC Dura Ace D12 wowed reviewers with its integrated cockpit

Venturi STC Dura-Ace D12

Our final review comes from Laurence Kilpatrick with Cyclist magazine who reviewed the Venturi STC Dura-Ace Di2. Here’s their final verdict:

“Orro’s Signature Plus Venturi is a restrained upgrade to their aero bike stable, perhaps in some part due to the positive reception of its predecessors.

Despite the raciness suggested by its snug seat tube and sculpted down tube, the Venturi feels resilient enough on ropey British roads and I came to value the efficiency and tautness with which the frame seemed to transfer my pedal strokes into speed.

Most importantly, there can really be no question it will make you ride faster, and have a good time doing so.”


Here at Orro, we are incredibly proud of all our accomplishments in the last year and of our commitment to producing high quality products worthy of the great reviews they receive. We’re excited to continue working on the thrilling innovations and improvements Orro has in store for the upcoming year and beyond. We know that this year will continue to be just as exhilarating as the last.