The Test Winning Venturi Tri

‘fulfils its design brief to the letter’ - 220 Triathlon Magazine

Our Venturi Evo frameset is made from a multi modulus unidirectional carbon lay-up. The composite layering process has been meticulously engineered in key areas to enhance ride comfort whilst also providing the stiffness a rider expects from a dedicated performance road chassis.  

‘Fully designed in-house by Orro, the frame has a triple carbon-fibre lay-up that Orro say provides an ideal blend of stiffness and comfort. We’d agree as, after numerous long rides, the Venturi Evo Tri is far more comfortable than its aggressive appearance suggests, while still offering huge amounts of stiffness through its oversized tubes for sprints and threshold efforts. The handling is as sharp as we wanted it to be through corners.’

We optimised the specification to allow for the fit and positioning requirements of triathletes whilst retaining the fantastic handling and comfort our Venturi frame demonstrates. This means you can mix it up depending on how your sporting participation and training plans develop over time.

‘The carbon seatpost created specifically for the Venturi Evo Tri makes it possible to slam the whole saddle on its rails much further forward, for a much steeper seat angle than the 74° quoted on the geometry chart. Bolt on the quality Vision Trimax clip-on bars supplied and it’s possible to near enough replicate your position on a dedicated tri bike.’

Competitive performance bikes dedicated to one specific use case typically excel in that area alone and are completely inflexible to other types of riding. In designing the Venturi Evo Tri we wanted to create a compelling multipurpose cycle sport proposition with our most aerodynamically advanced road bike at its core. This approach is what scooped us the test win from Triathlon magazine.

‘All in all, the Venturi Evo Tri is ideal for triathletes who want a bike to do it all or those who prefer dropbar comfort. There are more affordable carbon road bikes out there that you could bolt tri bars to, of course, but the quality of the frameset’s difficult to match – and having everything in one package saves you hassle.’


Our four main design pillars here at Orro are quality, performance, innovation, and style. Versatility was an added design challenge for us in developing the Venturi Evo Tri. As evidenced by this review we are pleased to have risen to the test by offering an inspiring ride ready spec for the money.

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