Orro says its new Pyro Evo 105 Hydro has been created with the sportive rider in mind – the non-racer's race bike, if you like – and it fits the bill perfectly. It offers a comfortable ride but with plenty of stiffness, and handling that delivers speed through the bends without the twitchiness of a race machine.

What I loved the most about the Pyro Evo was just how right it felt beneath me; I just felt perfectly at home on it the moment I got on it.

First up, the geometry is beautifully balanced throughout the frame and fork. The chosen angles and tube lengths give neutral handling when you want it, but with just that hint of speed there if you are confident enough to push it on the next descent.

Heading for longer rides on a mixture of roads, from twisty back lanes to major trunk roads, the Pyro Evo feels totally at home.

For the longer, flat sections of the route I could stretch out on the hoods or hunker into the drops and just put the power down, with the 74-degree seat angle putting me into a nice forward position to really get the effort out.

Mixing it with the traffic through intersections and large roundabouts, the responsiveness of the rear end of the frame when you need to keep pace with vehicles or slot into a queue is very impressive indeed. Stamp on the pedals and point the Orro in the right direction, and it's job done.

The handling is perfectly at home on the larger roads, too, allowing you to just keep the power on and hold your line through wide, flowing corners.

There is plenty of feedback coming through from the front end, so even in the wet you can feel exactly what that front tyre is up to and how much traction you have.

The Pyro Evo is a good climber, too. The stiffness of the frame and fork mean it is great for attacking those short, sharp hills out of the saddle. You can feel the results of the oversized bottom bracket junction and chunky chainstays as you mash the power out.

For longer efforts, too, I again found the geometry spot on for sitting in the saddle and tapping out a rhythm while ascending. The head tube is just that little bit taller than that of a race bike, which takes a small bit of pressure off your back without making you feel like you are sitting upright.


Excellent road manners and a comfortable ride – the Pyro Evo is a very fast mile-muncher

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