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In developing the Terra C geometry we set out to combine capable, confindence inspiring off-road handling with a light and fast road manner. This balance is what the majority of gravel bike riders are after; a great ride experience for the B road, bridleway, and technical descent.

'It feels really balanced and poised, Orro having just got the speed of the steering to be entertaining enough without becoming a challenge or tiring when really going for it on a loose surface. A 71° head angle is pretty typical for a bike of this ilk, and it works here, just taking the urgency off the handling. Dropping down steep, very technical descents with rocks and roots just dying to whip your front wheel from beneath you, the steering remains very smooth, and you can really feel what the Terra C is up to beneath you.'

Headtube of the Orro Terra C GRX800 in Green
Orro GRX800 Carbon Road Bike Fork

Our understanding of carbon fibre has been developed through experience working with specialists in the field. We go through extensive prototype phases with ride ready samples tested before we settle on the final construction.

'I've ridden a fair few of Orro's bikes now, and they all show the designers know a thing or two about delivering on the stiffness front while retaining good levels of comfort. The majority of that balance comes from the carbon lay-up, tuning wall thicknesses and tube shapes to reduce flex where you don't want it and add it where you do.'

Using carbon fibre as a frame material on bikes designed for demanding off-road riding can dissuade some riders who doubt the durability of the material, and are aware of its susceptibility to damage. To counter these legitimate concerns, without adding unnecessary weight or unsightly carbon armour, we integrated impact protection into the frame itself.

'To protect areas like the wide, flat bottom edge of the down tube, Orro has incorporated Innegra. It's a tough, durable lightweight fibre whose yarns can be woven with others to increase strength, while not adding a huge amount of weight in these strategic areas. This should go a good way to protecting the down tube from large stones being pinged up by the front tyre.' conclusion - 'I was a big fan of the Terra C's style and quality before, and that hasn't changed for 2021. It's a bike that just lets you have fun – a race bike for off-road, if you like – but one that can just be pootled along enjoying the scenery should the mood arise. It's a lot of bike for the money.'

You can check out the full review on the website by clicking here