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ETA: 2nd July 2024

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A special collaborative effort between Sussex based ORRO bikes and renowned Italian saddle artisans Repente.

This lightweight race orientated platform has all the requisite comfort for longer distance rides hidden below the surface. The saddle construction process starts with Repente carbon fibre base technology. This proprietary material mixture is made with multiple layers of continuous fibre reinforcements in a matrix of engineering thermoplastics. The result is a base designed with area optimised flex allowing it to conform under stress without losing its rigidity over time thus suspending the rider with consistent comfort.

The tuned base flexibility allows for a more minimalist use of polyurethane foam padding which is covered with a water resistant premium microfiber. Added to this is an anatomically designed pressure relief channel proven to provide additional comfort by avoiding any contact of the saddle surface with the perineal area. The slim upper shell supports the pelvic bones with a subtle curvature to provide ergonomic ease of use accommodating the full range of leg motion while the rider is working hard.

Road.cc reviewed the ORRO X Repente saddle you can read the review here 


Multi Section Rails utilize unidirectional carbon to allow for micro flexibility on a horizontal plane along with vertical stiffness. Strategically increasing the density of the fibre matrix in the clamp area ensures that the saddle does not succumb to material fatigue.

The ultimate compliment to your ORRO bike for: comfort, style, and lightweight performance.

Width 135 mm

Length 278 mm

Rail Ø 7x9 mm

Weight 179g