Gold Evo 105/FSA



The Gold Evo 105/FSA endurance bike has been designed with efficient long distance cruising, punchy hill climbing, and reliable commuting in mind. New for 2021 is the striking red frame colour which is sure to help to highlight your movements to other road users. Evo specification bikes get the same proven geometry and frame features as their counterpart top of the range STC models. The frame manufacturing process employs our own custom layup of 3 different types of unidirectional carbon fibre material to provide an ideal blend of stiffness and comfort. 

The predesesor to the Gold Evo, the Pyro Evo was named as a Finalist in the Sportive and Endurance Bike of the Year 2019/20.



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SHIMANO 105/FSA 2x11

This fully mechanical model helps us to offer a fantastic value carbon road bike, the cable disc brakes offer straightforward adjustability. In order to achieve the right low end gearing for extended climbing efforts we specified a compact FSA chainset paired with an 11-30T cassette. This combination offers a highly effective ratio of gears making it much easier to completely conquer hills of considerable elevation while maintaining a healthy pedalling cadence for smooth riding. Having lower gears to reach for preserves precious calories allowing you to remain in the saddle longer, this is perfect for the all-day rides we designed the Gold Evo to take on.

Geometry Chart


Rear Derailleur:Shimano 105 7000 Front Derailleur:Shimano 105 7000
Chain:Shimano 105 7000 Shifters:Shimano 105 7000 Mechanical
Seatpost:ORRO Alloy Setback Saddle:Prologo Kappa RS
Stem:FSA Omega ST Bottom Bracket:BSA
Handlebar:FSA Vero Compact Brake Calipers:Tektro MD-C550
Chainset:FSA Omega 50-34 Tyres:Continental Ultra Sport 28c
Wheelset:Fulcrum R800 DB Fork:Gold Evo Superlight
Frame:Orro Gold Evo Cassette:Shimano 105 11-32

Rear Derailleur

Shimano 105 7000

Front Derailleur

Shimano 105 7000


Shimano 105 7000


Shimano 105 7000 Mechanical


ORRO Alloy Setback


Prologo Kappa RS


FSA Omega ST

Bottom Bracket



FSA Vero Compact

Brake Calipers

Tektro MD-C550


FSA Omega 50-34


Continental Ultra Sport 28c


Fulcrum R800 DB


Gold Evo Superlight


Orro Gold Evo


Shimano 105 11-32