Pyro Line Aquazero Bibtights



Our brand new Orro bibtights have been designed for UK winter riding. We have used an Italian fabric called Blizzard which has excellent thermal properties with a super soft brushed microfiber backing. This fabric also provides long life stretch and is anti-piling so these cycling bibtights will stay looking perfect longer.

  • Material: 86% Polyamide, 14% Elastane
  • Reflective Stripes on Legs
  • Cytech Endurance Pad
  • Aquazero Water Repellency Treatment
  • Super Soft Inner
  • Silicone Leg Grippers

(Model is 6ft Tall & Wears Size Large) Recommends - 'With a comfortable pad, high zipped front that gives extra coverage, a great 'on the bike' cut and reflective detailing that is well positioned and subtle, these are brilliant bib tights at a great price.'

The bibtights have then also been treated with an Aquazero technology, a hydrophobic, water repellent treatment to help keep you warm and dry during the autumn/winter months. This treatment is also eco-friendly and fluorine-free whilst remaining breathable.

The chamois is Cyctech’s Endurance 2.5 HD. Made with super high density foam to deliver maximum performance on long rides and is made using an Eco X-Fifty fabric which encourages blood flow and has a quick dry technology. The Endurance 2.5 HD also uses Super Air, the pad is perforated with small holes to further enhance breathability.

Silicone grippers round the bottom of the legs and reflective stripes on both legs finish these bibtights off.

Material: 86% Polyamide, 14% Elastane

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