Terra C GRX 800

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Terra C is characterised by its light responsive ride quality, built with the specifications necessary to provide capable control across varied terrain. An adaptive bike crafted to ensure that your next adventure, new route, or old commute is a total blast.

The frame geometry is poised to descend and corner with ease inspiring confident off-road handling. Take it back to the tarmac and the excellent power transfer provided by the carbon layup is immediately apparent. Innegra fibres are woven into the carbon at strategic locations to protect the frame from impact damage; this ensures the ‘light and fast’ design ethos is met with the durability riders expect. The maximum weight limit for the frame bosses is 5kg.

Road.cc Recomends - 'Orro's designers seem to know what they're doing. This bike is stiff enough for those lung burning climbs while also being comfy for the longer days in the saddle' 


Terra C now has a semi-integrated front end for an ultra-clean aesthetic. The cables enter the frame via a cable box on the headset and run internally through the headtube, protecting them from the elements completely. Apart from looking seriously slick this also means the frame suffers no cable rub abrasion to the headtube when the handlebars are turned, and no interference with handlebar bags. This new design can also be made fully integrated, so you see no cables at all, with a compatible bar & stem.

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Terra C has utilized the latest groupsets from Shimano since its inception. The GRX drivetrain on this model is ideally suited to off-road riding where the single front chain-ring reduces mechanical complexity and the chance of chain derailment. The wide ratio 11-42T cassette provides big gear jumps for fast and effective shifting on undulating terrain. Hydraulic disc brakes ensure power and control are always at your fingertips.

Geometry Chart


Stem:Deda Zero 1 Bottom Bracket:BB86
Front Derailleur:Shimano GRX800 Saddle:Orro Bostal Plus Saddle
Shifters:Shimano GRX800 Frame:ORRO Terra C
Fork:ORRO Terra C Rear Derailleur:Shimano GRX800
Cassette:Shimano GRX800 11-42T Wheelset:Fulcrum Rapid Red 5
Brake Calipers:Shimano GRX800 Handlebar:Deda Gravel 100 Flared
Tyres:Vredestein Aventura 38c Chainset:Shimano GRX800 40T


Deda Zero 1

Bottom Bracket


Front Derailleur

Shimano GRX800


Orro Bostal Plus Saddle


Shimano GRX800


ORRO Terra C


ORRO Terra C

Rear Derailleur

Shimano GRX800


Shimano GRX800 11-42T


Fulcrum Rapid Red 5

Brake Calipers

Shimano GRX800


Deda Gravel 100 Flared


Vredestein Aventura 38c


Shimano GRX800 40T