TERRA E Gravel E-Bike


About the TERRA E FLAT BAR Electric Gravel Bike

After years of product conceptualisation and design development we welcome our first electric gravel bike into the Terra family. Early in the design process we homed in on gravel riding as the basis for electric development. We wanted to give cyclists like ourselves the ability to take on more mileage and make it easier to tackle tough off-road climbs, such as those in our native South Downs testing ground. The Terra E gravel bike marks our considered entry into the empowering world of lightweight electrically assisted bikes.

The Terra E also has multiple mouting points, including for a pannier rack, which a max load capacity of 10kg.

Road.cc Review - "Easy-to-control carbon gravel machine with a great ride quality which benefits from smooth electronic power delivery"

Terra E Electric Gravel Bike Close

Seamless Design

The Terra E electric gravel e-bike has an integrated design and user experience. Each of the five colour coded power modes are easily selected while riding using a backlit button on the top tube. The clean lines of this lightweight carbon fibre gravel bike belie its electrified nature. A svelte down tube hides the 250-Wh battery of the FSA System HM1. And, with an optional range extender cell which is carried in a bottle cage, the capacity for power can be doubled. A mobile application wirelessly interacts with the system, adding the ability for riders to review battery performance and customise the settings.

Orro Terra E Electric Gravel Bike Integrated Electric System

Integrated Electric System

In developing a hub motor driven electric gravel bike we were able to keep the horizontal distance between the pedals, known as 'Q Factor', the same as typical non-electric bikes. This gives Terra E a riding stance and pedalling characteristics that will feel familiar to all cyclists. The frame is designed from the ground up for System HM1 motor and battery units. These components can deliver a maximum 42Nm of torque and a range of around 50 miles, which is up there with the leading e-bikes. Integrated torque and speed sensors provide natural feeling assistance across each power setting. Complete system weight is 3.98Kg.

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Geometry Chart


Seatpost:ORRO Alloy Setback Rotor:Centerlock Paceline 160mm
Battery:FSA System HM1 36V 252Wh Handlebar:FSA Adventure Compact
Stem:FSA Omega ST Chain:Sram 11 Speed
Saddle:Orro Bostal Plus Saddle Shifters:Sram Apex 1x
Rear Derailleur:Sram Apex 1 Cassette:Sram Apex 11-42T
Brake Calipers:Sram Apex Hydraulic Fork:ORRO Terra E
Tyres:Continental Terra Trail 40c Wheelset:FSA HM1 System Team 30 AGX Hub Motor
Frame:ORRO Terra E Chainset:Sram Apex 40T


ORRO Alloy Setback


Centerlock Paceline 160mm


FSA System HM1 36V 252Wh


FSA Adventure Compact


FSA Omega ST


Sram 11 Speed


Orro Bostal Plus Saddle


Sram Apex 1x

Rear Derailleur

Sram Apex 1


Sram Apex 11-42T

Brake Calipers

Sram Apex Hydraulic


ORRO Terra E


Continental Terra Trail 40c


FSA HM1 System Team 30 AGX Hub Motor


ORRO Terra E


Sram Apex 40T