Orro Partner With UK Carbon Manufacturer Sigmatex

We announced our collaboration with Sigmatex on our new range of Gold bikes a while back and with our new catalogue now available on-site Sigmatex made an official announcement that can be read below:

"Sigmatex are pleased to announce its collaboration with British bike manufacturer Orro, on its new range of elite road bikes. Orro’s objective is to create the best and most stylish bikes for serious riders. Orro use the latest pioneering materials of the highest quality and their Gold Signature bike can even be painted to a bespoke design. Orro’s Gold range is the flagship model, described as a ‘real-world performance bike’. The bikes utilise the innovative ‘sigmaST’ product – Sigmatex’s spread tow carbon fibre textile solution.


The Gold Signature bikes utilise Sigmatex’s most advanced textile solution, ‘sigmaST’ to support Orro’s objectives around lightweighting and strength. Adam Glew from Orro commented, “We are very proud of our new range of Gold bikes and it’s fantastic to have a top British carbon manufacturer in Sigmatex on board to help keep Orro at the forefront of cycling innovation”.
sigmaST is an innovative carbon fibre textile, increasingly used for its lightweight nature and improved mechanical performance when compared to traditional carbon textiles. It is 20% lighter than traditional carbon fabrics and has an excellent strength to weight ratio. This technology is highly advantageous in such industries where there is an increasing demand for strength and stiffness combined with low weight.

About Sigmatex

Sigmatex develops and manufactures carbon fibre textiles for composite material applications. From global locations, Sigmatex supplies spread tow, 2D woven, unidirectional, multiaxial (non-crimp), 3D textiles and recycled fabrics across a broad range of industries. Sigmatex's proven capability converts millions of pounds of carbon fibre each year for major projects that require high levels of quality and reliability. Sigmatex works with customers to create carbon fibre textiles which meet various requirements including fibre orientation, crimp, drapeability, thickness and resin permeability. These textile solutions often require an innovative approach to textile design and process which is the core strength of Sigmatex.