Design & Manufacturing at Fox Wilson

Casual cyclist wearing Fox Wilson trousers sitting on a Fox Wilson jacket

We’re extremely proud of our British heritage and our ethical, innovative manufacturing processes. Below you’ll find more information on how we produce our city commuter collection.

Everything in Fox Wilson’s range of sustainable cycling clothing is homegrown. Whilst the older Fox Wilson collection was designed in London, we decided to bring our talented designers closer to home and to our expert cycle designers, in the heart of the Sussex Downs. You’ll notice that a number of our new products are named after great cycling locations in London and Sussex.

We’ve put a lot of effort and time into finding the perfect fabric manufacturers to create our collections. We’ve used Schoeller’s 3XDRY for our Hove Jacket and all of our urban cycling jeans. 3XDRY is a finishing technology that not only makes the outside of the fabric water repellent, it also increases moisture absorption on the inside. The garments are completed with hydrophobic (outside) and hydrophilic (inside) coatings which repel and attract water molecules, hugely improving the products comfort and drying speed.

All Fox Wilson merino products are knitted using Shima Seiki SWG-X whole garment knitting machines. This impressive technique means the product bodies are knitted in one go; enabling us to reduce the number of seams and fabric waste. It also creates a much more comfortable garment, perfect for long recreational cycling and city commuting.

We recently launched two new men's upper wear products - the Glynde Polo and the Firle V Neck Jumper.

We decided to use Tollegno 1900 ultra-fine merino wool for the Glynde Polo as wanted to ensure this was as comfortable as it was practical. Tollegno 1900 is well renowned for its wool quality, dyed yarns and environmental practices. They have their own hydroelectric plant and purify their wastewater on-site. They source the yarns from The Beaufront Property in Tasmania; well known for their high-quality merino wool and ethical farming.

Our Firle V Neck Jumper utilises Schoeller ZEFIR EXP Merino Wool. This is a fabric that we’ve used in a lot of our previous items due to the fact that it’s a super fine (Nm 32/1) yarn that is machine washable. Most Merino wool products are hand wash only, so it was an easy decision to make this one of our go-to manufacturers for our stylish cycling clothing collection.

Another fabric that we’re proud to incorporate in our range is Bamboo. Bamboo grows rapidly in a huge range of environments all around the world and uses 10% of the land of cotton uses for the same yield. Thanks to its hollow microfiber, this is a great material for use in performance items as it keeps the wearer at a comfortable temperature whilst riding.