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Precious by Nature; Inspired by Innovation; Gold is designed for ultimate Performance

Spread Tow Carbon

We use Spread Tow carbon from leading global carbon specialist, Sigmatex on our Gold bikes. This exquisite carbon fabric uses unidirectional spread tow tapes, allowing for a much larger number of fibres in a smaller space. As a result of this, we have been able to create a frame and fork that is exceptionally low in weight, while boasting brilliant stiffness and comfort.

Why Spread Tow?

SigmaST is an innovative carbon fibre textile, increasingly used for its lightweight nature and improved mechanical performance when compared to traditional carbon textiles. It is 20% lighter than traditional carbon fabrics and has an excellent strength to weight ratio. This technology is highly advantageous in cycling where there is an increasing demand for strength and stiffness combined with low weight.


Sigmatex is one of the world’s leading independent converters of carbon fibre. With the widest range of textile technologies and proprietary manufacturing equipment, Sigmatex supplies a wide spectrum of advanced composite materials to the Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Wind Energy, Sports and Leisure markets from its global locations. Sigmatex has a proven track record, converting large quantities of carbon fibre each year for major projects that require high levels of quality and reliability.

Gran Fondo Geometry

Perfectly developed and obsessively refined to create the ultimate Gran Fondo machine.  The Gold possesses geometry and character that rewards the audacious. Supremely comfortable while cruising on the tops – aggressive and efficient when powering in the drops.

Up to 28c Tyres

The Gold Disc will take up to a 28c tyre for a faster, more comfortable ride. Wider tyres are scientifically proven to lower rolling resistance as well as increasing comfort on rougher roads that are common in the UK. This paired with the Grand Fondo geometry of the Gold makes for an excellent ride even on the longest days in the saddle. 

Gold - Precious & Beautiful


Designed with comfort in mind, the Gold is perfectly to suited to epic days in the saddle.

Orro Shape Design

Our Orro Shape Design (OSD) ensures all tube profiles are unique. 

Finishing Kit

Gold - As one of our top models we only use the best components and groupsets to finish them off.