Venturi: USPs of the STC Carbon Frameset

Spread Tow Carbon: Experience true speed, only with Orro

Dedicated cyclists and adrenaline junkies alike will know that when it comes to chasing speed, every little detail matters. We designed our Venturi STC line of carbon road bikes to be the fastest, lightest, easiest to manoeuvre speed bikes available on the market.

Our secret: Sigmatex spread tow carbon

What is spread tow carbon?

Spread tow carbon (STC) is an exquisite carbon fabric that uses unidirectional spread tow tapes, allowing for a much larger number of fibres that can fit into a smaller space. This results in an exceptionally light frame and fork, with incredible stiffness and brilliant comfort.

Don’t believe us? Try it yourself. 

We are the only bike brand that is licensed to use Sigmatex spread tow carbon, so we make sure to use it to its fullest potential. 


What is Sigmatex?

Sigmatex is one of the world’s leading independent converters of carbon fibre. With the widest range of textile technologies and proprietary manufacturing equipment, Sigmatex supplies a wide spectrum of advanced composite materials to the automotive, aerospace, marine, wind energy, sports and leisure markets across the globe. Sigmatex have a proven track record for creating the most robust, reliable and lightweight carbon on the market. In short, there is ample reason why F1 cars use Sigmatex carbon


Why STC for carbon road bikes?

STC is the most lightweight and robust carbon on the market. When engineering our Venturi STC range, we wanted to create a frame that has never been seen before. Lighter than the lightest on the market, and the most durable carbon speed bike you can find, the Venturi STC excels in part thanks to the STC carbon. 

Sigmatex spread tow carbon is 20% lighter than traditional carbon fabrics, and has excellent strength to weight ratio. In a sport where every second gained could be the tipping point to your next PB or next race win, why wouldn’t you want to ride one of the fastest, lightest bikes on the market? Our mission is to build bikes that you can rely on when you push yourself to your limits, and that can meet you for whatever pace, and whatever adventure.