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Designed for Speed - The Venturi was created to be ridden fast

Spread Tow Carbon

We manufactured the Venturi using spread tow carbon from the leading UK manufacturer, Sigmatex. This exquisite carbon fabric uses unidirectional spread tow tapes, allowing for a much larger number of fibres in a smaller space. As a result of this, we have been able to create a frame and fork that is exceptionally low in weight, while boasting brilliant stiffness and comfort.

Orro Venturi unpainted, revealing the raw spread tow carbon frame.

Why Spread Tow?

SigmaST is an innovative carbon fibre textile, increasingly used for its lightweight nature and improved mechanical performance when compared to traditional carbon textiles. It is 20% lighter than traditional carbon fabrics and has an excellent strength to weight ratio. This technology is highly advantageous in such industries where there is an increasing demand for strength and stiffness combined with low weight.


Sigmatex is one of the world’s leading independent converters of carbon fibre. With the widest range of textile technologies and proprietary manufacturing equipment, Sigmatex supplies a wide spectrum of advanced composite materials to the Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Wind Energy, Sports and Leisure markets from its global locations. Sigmatex has a proven track record, converting large quantities of carbon fibre each year for major projects that require high levels of quality and reliability.

SigmaST carbon fibre textile being produced
Sigmatex Logo
Cyclist riding Orro Venturi with 28C Tyres

Optimised for 28C Tyres

Our Specially designed aero disc road bike has been designed with 28c tyres in mind. From the beginning of the design process, we realised that we wanted to create a bike that rewarded the rider with serious speed but could also cruise in comfort when the pace needed slowing down. With that in mind, we knew 28c tyres was the way to go.


Using 28c tyres has allowed us to reduce the space between the tyres and the frame smoothing airflow over the frame instead of creating turbulent air behind the tyre.

Speed & Comfort

Optimising the Venturi for 28C tyres allows the rider to reap the benefits of wider tyres on a road bike. Some of these include the allowance of lower tyre pressure, running lower PSI improves comfort. Two ther major factors are improved grip and decreased rolling resistance. If you, the rider are more comfortable then you can ride faster, for longer.

Orro Venturi with 28C Tyres
Cyclist riding his Orro Venturi carbon road bike extremely fast

Switch Lever Thru-Axles

A two piece axle lever that makes thru-axles simple to remove and looks great. The removable lever and hollow axle mean they are extremely lightweight, removing the lever once tightened also makes them more aerodynamic and adds extra security for your wheels.

Carbon Bike Fork for the Orro Venturi

Custom Carbon Layup

We have extensively tested different carbon layups to make sure we have the best combination of speed and comfort on the Venturi. We had 3 different layups designed and made into frames, then tested them all back to back. It's this time and effort that make sure the Venturi is as fast as possible, all the time.

Venturi - Fast & Powerful


Built for speed - The Venturi will help you cover the miles as quickly as possible.


With a super stiff bottom bracket and downtube the Venturi wills you to go faster and picks up speed with immense ease.


Reducing the gap between the tyres and the frame, along with our tube profiles the Venturi will cut through the air as efficiently as possible.