It is with great pride that we announce the release of our eagerly anticipated Terra C Bike. Following on from the hugely popular Terra Gravel, the Terra C takes advantage of the latest in carbon fibre technology and a uses new geometry designed from the ground up, for a bike that can truly remove the distinction between road and trail. Working with composites specialists Sigmatex, we pinpointed the need for frame protection to cater for the kind of riding the Terra C would be subjected to, and as an industry first, InnegraTM fabrics have been used in the manufacture of the frame. InnegraTM is a tough, flexible fibre with great endurance. Its properties make it naturally good at vibration damping and give it great impact resistance.

The Terra C has selective InnegraTM shielding in critical areas of the bike to ward off rock strikes and other impacts. In the event of an impact, InnegraTM minimises the chance of failure. Using the South Downs as our testing ground, we developed a new geometry that delivers an inspiring ride for the terrain that many of us have on our doorsteps. There is a 72mm bottom bracket drop and 71-degree head angle across all sizes for confident handling, which we combined with a 50mm fork rake to maintain steering responsiveness. We also incorporated frame-size-specific chainstay lengths to minimise heel rub and balance the weight distribution of larger riders.

At Orro we believe that gravel bikes must be fast on the road and Terra C delivers; the Terra C has the speed of a road bike across a multitude of surfaces, from country lanes to bridleways and light singletrack, with exceptional traction and stability across rougher terrain. The Terra C accepts 42mm tyres, so you can run it with knobbly tyres for your big adventure rides, and low volume slicks for your club runs and fast road rides. Or run a mid-sized semi-slick for the ultimate all-purpose setup. The frame will take full-length mudguards and a rear rack, which makes it ideal for year-round riding and commuting. The frame is electronic groupset compatible, and has a removable front derailleur mount, allowing you to build your dream ride. The Terra C will be available in a line of builds and as a frame only, with stock will start arriving at the end of August.