“an epic ride sportive bike with the genes of a race machine mixed in at its heart”


The 2017 Road Cycling UK (RCUK) 100 featured our flagship Gran Fondo bike, the Orro Gold STC Dura-Ace. We are incredibly proud of the Gold STC frame, inspired by nature and designed in East Sussex for the roads we all ride. Since its development and launch, we’ve built on its success every year to create a beautiful riding experience for every rider who desires the ideal balance of performance and comfort.

We set out to design the ultimate Gran Fondo machine that recognised real-world riding styles and conditions. The frame had to be receptive to rider input and power, without the sacrifice of comfort. Utilising materials and expertise from leading UK carbon composite firm Sigmatex, the Gold takes its name from the Spread Tow Carbon (STC) that we use in the layup of the frame. Its use reduces the amount of resin required during manufacture, reduces weight and improves stiffness and also vibration damping - for a ride performance and quality unmatched.

"Here is a bike that screams premium, from the clear lacquer that exposes the broad and distinctive carbon weave, to the little flashes of detail across the frameset, as well as the actual engineering that’s gone into making the Gold STC one of the best sportive-focused bikes on the market.”

Combined with the class-leading Dura-Ace 9100 groupset and premium finishing kit from 3T, Prologo, Fulcrum, Continental and Token, the Gold STC is for riders who like to travel far and fast, and do it in style.


View the Orro Gold STC Dura Ace in the 2017 RCUK 100 here: