• Technology

    Orro's Sigmatex Carbon Fibre on the Gold STC

    We draw on the advanced levels of skills available in Britain. Our country is renowned as a leader in composites technology, in industries such as aerospace and F1 – for example, our collaboration with the British carbon fibre producer Sigmatex using their Spread-Tow Carbon Fibre technology in the development of our all new Gold STC and STC Signature carbon fibre bike models.

  • Elements

    Elements – The building blocks of nature. The simplest form of existence; the material from which the very fabric of life is woven. It was from these pillars of life that the Orro range was born.

  • Handbuilt

    Every one of our hand built road bikes is lovingly assembled and finished by our own highly trained mechanics at our assembly facility in Sussex. Based at the foot of Ditchling Beacon, an iconic climb in British cycling, the site is an inspiration and perfect testing ground for our unique handmade bikes.

  • Ditchling Beacon

    The heart of Sussex. Home to Orro Bikes. All our bikes are rigorously tested at Ditchling Beacon on the foot of the Sussex Downs, an iconic climb in British Cycling history and an area of outstanding natural beauty.