Ditchling Beacon

The heart of Sussex. Home to Orro Bikes. All our bikes are rigorously tested at Ditchling Beacon on the foot of the Sussex Downs, an iconic climb in British Cycling history and an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Based in the heart of Sussex as we are, we have the perfect testing ground for our bikes. Ditchling Beacon is a huge part of this, we are all from Sussex and have grown up riding around here. It's one of the most iconic climbs in British cycling history, it was even tackled by the peleton in the Tour de France in 1994 and the Tour of Britain in 2015.

The Martlet is the heraldic bird of the Sussex flag, which we have adopted and we display a gold Martlet on each of our Signature frames.


The Sussex Downs as loved by Rudyard Kipling

The Weald is good, the Downs are best—
I’ll give you the run of ’em, East to West.
Beachy Head and Winddoor Hill,
They were once and they are still.
Firle, Mount Caburn and Mount Harry
Go back as far as sums ’ll carry.
Ditchling Beacon and Chanctonbury Ring,
They have looked on many a thing,
And what those two have missed between ’em,
I reckon Truleigh Hill has seen ’em.
Highden, Bignor and Duncton Down
Knew Old England before the Crown.
Linch Down, Treyford and Sunwood
Knew Old England before the Flood;
And when you end on the Hampshire side—
Butser’s old as Time and Tide.
The Downs are sheep, the Weald is corn,
You be glad you are Sussex born!

Rudyard Kipling ‘Run of the Downs ‘

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